Innovative Drilling Solutions
for Excellent Results.

Sirius-ES is a company that specializes in drilling fluids for demanding and sophisticated projects in the Oil & Gas and Geothermal industry. We offer a multifaceted range of services as well as complete professional expertise in all types of deep drilling. With many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we support operators and drilling contractors not only in the planning and implementation of their current projects, but also invest in innovative drilling fluid concepts for the future.


Innovative Drilling Solutions
for Excellent Results.

Deep Drilling

  • Water based
  • Invert Emulsion 
  • Completion

Shallow Drilling

  • HDD
  • Well Construction
  • Geothermal Drilling


  • Solids Control
  • Laboratory Equipment

Waste Management

  • Planning & Design
  • Engineering & Monitoring

Drilling Fluids, Solids Control, Engineering and Waste Management Services for the Drilling Industry

Sirius-ES offers its clients and drilling contractors a holistic portfolio ranging from advanced drilling fluids, engineering services, diverse equipment and solids control to waste management. Depending on demand, we have flexibly expandable capacities to support deep drilling projects in the desired shift operation. Project-related logistics centers in Austria, Germany, Romania and the Netherlands ensure security of supply around the clock.

Our Values

Quality & Innovation

We focus on innovation and quality to make our customers more successful

Trust & Reliability

We have an international team based on a corporate culture of trust, reliability and performance


We expand according to our customers requirements and create value for all stakeholders

Society & Environment

We balance economic success with environmental and social responsibility

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Sirius Gemstone e.s.
Exhibition stand at the ATC Annual Technical Conference in Islamabad (Pakistan) together with our partner Gemstone Oil Tools and Engineering Services.
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