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Mud systems for deep drilling​

To achieve the best result in any soil formation, Sirius-ES offers different types of fluids. The following list shows an excerpt from our possible rinsing systems. The most commonly used is water alkaline rinse. In addition, we can provide products for completion, Invert Emulsion or Low Tox OBM.


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Water Based Drilling Fluid

The wide range of technologies available in our company enables us to offer the full range of specialty chemicals for water-based liquids:

Weighting materials increase the weight of fluid systems like water-based drilling fluids and invert-emulsion drilling fluids to assist, among other things, to control formation pressures, prevent formation caving, and deploy slug pills for pulling procedures.

S-ES Carb | Hematite | Barite | Calcium Carbonate

The different salt types are used for different purposes in drilling fluids. e.g. as solid free weighting agent and for clay inhibition with potassium ions. Saturated drilling fluids can be used for drilling salt formation to prevent hole enlargements and are commonly used in completion fluids.

Potassium Chloride | Potassium CarbonateSodium Chloride

Alkalinity is one of the most important chemical properties of drilling fluids and can be controlled with the listed materials.

Alkalinity in the whole drilling fluid and the API filtrate is important in many drilling operations to ensure proper control of the drilling fluid chemistry. E.g. Polymers require an alkaline environment to function properly. Alkalinity arising from hydroxyl ions is generally considered beneficial, while alkalinities resulting from carbonates or bicarbonates can have adverse effects on the drilling fluid performance.

Sodium Carbonate | Sodium Hydroxide | Citric Acid

Lubricants reduces the coefficient of friction, the torque and drag and are applied in drilling fluids for high deviated wells and extended reach wells. Increased ROP and reduced stuck pipe risk can be encountered using lubricants that results in time and cost savings.

Lube 947 | Fronlube 100

Shale inhibitors and encapsulators are designed to be used in brine or freshwater drilling fluid systems. The shale inhibitors and encapsulators reduce many of the problems caused by gumbo‑like clay and improve the cuttings integrity. That result in lower dispersion and hydration of reactive clay and shale and reduce the potential for BHA and bit balling, hole instability and similar issues.

S-ES HYB HS/AB | Potassium Silicate | Sodium Silicate

Flocculants supports aggregation of fine solids to assist settling and removal from the fluid system. Flocculants are used to flocculate clays, shales, and colloidal drilling solids encountered in drilling operations or can help reduce build-up of formation solids in a fluid system and reduce dilution rates for clear water drilling systems.

Anionic | Cationic

Thinners and Dispersants modify the interdependence between the viscosity and the percentage of solids in drilling fluids.

Polythin | Drill-Thin | Brenntathin

By reducing the surface tension, defoamers control the foaming on the surface and support the breakdown of bubbles in the fluid.

S-ES Defoamer ST | Defomex

Viscosifier provide the transport abilities, suspension capabilities and gelatin properties in the drilling fluids. Viscosifiers are the products that give a drilling fluid these basic rheological properties. These properties may be enhanced with other additives to comprise an engineered fluid solution for each unique drilling situation

For fluid-loss control, mixtures of e.g. starch and polyanionic cellulose are often used. PHPA is widely used for shale encapsulation.

S-ES PAC LV/R | S-ES Bio XG | Pure Bore® 

Are special formulated products that supports tightening wellbores (e.g. protect weak and interbedded shales, prevent sloughing, washouts, etc.), lower permeability with sealing character, prevents fracturing propagating.

Gel LC Seal | FLC 2000 | Soltex E

For preservation of water-based fluids and technical emulsions. Are suited to control H2S and carbon dioxide and dissolved salt corrosion.

Inicor W142 

Designed for easy and fast preparation of spotting fluids, that dehydrates the wall cake and lubricates the surface between the pipe and the wellbore.

Presantil EF | Presantil WNF

Preservate water-based drilling and completion fluids.

Sirius Stab XL 

Includes organic based H2S scavengers and oxygen removers.

Sirius-ES offers a wide range of proven lost circulation materials (LCMs). This includes basic LCMs ranging from granules, flakes and fibers to special engineered blends for different LCMs.

S-ES CARB | Bentonit Pellets | Mica | Magma Fiber

Non Aqueous Drilling

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