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Solids Control Equipment

Devices for use on the wells

Our equipment includes several compact units consisting of two centrifuges, a flocculation station and a barite recovery system. In addition, we offer shakers, desanders, desilters, various filter systems, mud cleaners, tanks and three-phase large transformers.

Compact Unit

Centrifuge & Flocking Station

Sirius is equipped with the most modern Compact Units. Each unit consists of two centrifuges, a flocculation station and a recovery system. This allows the most diverse requirements, such as barite recovery, to be implemented.

Barite recovery

Shaking Screens & Coatings

Mongoose PT 2010

The Mongoose PT is a modular screening plant and is ideally suited for solids control. The Mongoose PT represents the latest development in design and flexible application.

easy assembly

Screen area 1,97m²

linear vibration direction

Storage Tank

S-ES-35-ST & S-ES-70-ST

Our storage tanks have a volume of 35-70m³. The S-ES-70-ST is designed for a flushing weight of 2.0 SG, has a two-chamber storage tank and a 6″ suction and discharge pipe.

35-70 m³

2.0 SG

4x3.5 KW Mixer

Eccentric screw pumps


The pumps used are specially designed for heavy liquids. With a capacity of 440m³/h, a pressure of up to 24 bar and a compact design, the Mono-Compact-C is ideal for use at the well.

compact device

robust drives

high pressure

Three-phase transformer

If required, a three-phase transformer can be provided. With a power of 200 kVA

200 kVA

for additional needs